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The Beginning

With 40 years of experience in the field of fragrances, the team at W.O.W. felt the need to bridge the gap between quality of perfumes available in India and the affordable price bucket. Internationally branded perfumes are not economical and hence the lack of quality brands in lower price segment ; which matches international standards led to the beginning of W.O.W. Perfumes in Mumbai, India in 2011.

We at W.O.W. saw an opportunity to make W.O.W. Perfumes to be one of the fastest growing and most trusted perfume brands in India with best quality perfumes (for all) with long-lasting, highly concentrated fragrances matching international quality.

Our Offerings

Our aim is to make W.O.W. Perfumes a brand for all, luxury at an affordable price which offers perfumes for everyday use!

All our fragrances are carefully hand-picked and our boxes are designed well in comparison to international brands, they are sure to appeal all classes, men, women, office goers, executives, college students, teenagers, housewives, gym goers, people from all age groups and across all professions.

At W.O.W. Perfumes, we have pledged to be known always for our prominent quality and concentrated fragrances. For us, business is synonymous to quality products. We’d rather not sell then compromise on the quality of our products.

To summarize, we just don’t sell gas or alcohol; We sell premier quality long-lasting perfumes which will surely fixate you to our brand and make you our loyal customer. And our elaborate range of perfumes cater to enhance your different moods each time you use W.O.W.

Enjoy WOW !

Our Mission

  • To make our brand “W.O.W. Perfumes” famous in every household as the most trusted leader of best quality luxury perfumes with international quality, long-lasting fragrances and yet available at very affordable prices.
  • To be the fastest growing brand name (a Brand for All) in INDIA for highest quality perfumes with concentrated long lasting fragrances and yet available at very affordable prices.